Using our core software package, PTV VISSIM, in combination with traditional tools such as TRANSYT and LINSIG, as well as our own range of bespoke efficiency tools, we are able to offer a broad range of network modelling, testing and analysis services.

Our core values are also key here in differentiating us from our competitors. Because of the importance we assign to this specialism, we always ensure the use of specialists for each element of model development. We have also created custom efficiency tools to improve this process, and we never stop improving upon the development of the deliverable - through whatever medium is most applicable - to best achieve the clear communication of the impacts and implications of whatever the brief had set out to test, to the client and all concerned stakeholders and members of the public.

Without this focus on communication, particularly to non-technical parties, network models run the risk of merely representing a box of tricks which can never truly be accessed, or seen for the immensely powerful products they are.