Although involved in many different individual projects, the work that we do here at multimodal falls broadly into three intertwined categories:

Modelling & Analysis

Micro-simulation modelling is typically at the heart of what we do. Our process allows data collected on-site to be turned into a model, validated against nationally set standards of compliance and excellence.

This model can then be used to test an extremely broad set of schemes, scenarios and necessary mitigation measures in a format ready to provide a detailed evidence base to support any planning application or approval process.


The ability to present complex project outcomes to any audience in a way which makes sense is of key importance on every job.

This can refer directly to data visualisation - through the use of tables and charts, or through animated presentations and interactive web-based content - or can mean the interpretation of data through visual means - animated videos or interactive media directly linked to and powered by a micro-simulation model, for example.

Research & Development

As well as the ongoing internal research and development, which is part of the fabric of how we work here at multimodal, we are also always very keen to get involved in external research projects. Many of the tools we use are ideally suited to this, being based on industry-standard mathematical models and algorithms, using empirically gathered data.

We have experience of partnering with academic institutions and select professional consultancies to achieve a range of goals.