Sports Stadium - Traffic Testing, London

DATE: 2015-2016 | CLIENT: Momentum Transport Planning

KEy Outputs

  • Micro-simulation model
  • 3D videos
  • Exit Profiles of various proposed layouts to assess time taken to clear network

NEW Concepts

  • Producing multi-level car park exit ramps, internal proposed coach park layouts and vehicle interaction
  • Temporary traffic measures including contraflow lane and rerouting of traffic.

Project Description

The modelling of the existing impact on the network surrounding the Sports Stadium on a typical match day including temporary diversion measures. The base model served as a platform to test various proposed layouts which included a multi-storey car park and various coach park arrangements.

The internal layout of these coach parks were modelled in detail to assess vehicle interaction and clearance times. The control of traffic exiting these coach parks, as guided by marshals on site, was also modelled.