Sports Stadium - Pedestrian Testing, London

DATE: 2016 | CLIENT: Momentum Transport Planning

KEy Outputs

  • Micro-simulation model with VisWALK elements

  • 3D videos

NEW Concepts

  • Skills and experience in modelling of pedestrians using VisWALK add-on.

  • Understanding of VisWALK behaviour in 'crowd' situations.


Project Description

As part of the wider Sports Stadium project on new parking proposals, Multimodal were commissioned by Momentum to simulate the departure of spectators after a sporting event. This was based on a Cup Final, with the aim to understand the impact on general traffic and coaches in the surrounding area and establish the time taken for all spectators to exit the stadium.

A micro-simulation model was developed in VISSIM and the separate pedestrian module, PTV VisWALK, was utilised to model the spectators leaving the stadium. Pedestrian areas, inputs and routes were set-up to simulate the pedestrians using the walkways and footways outside the stadium, with areas of interaction with traffic also considered. Close collaboration with PTV ensured the walking behaviour utilised was suitable for 'crowd-like' behaviour.