Energy from Waste Site, East Midlands

DATE: 2016 | CLIENT: Axis

KEy Outputs

  • Micro-simulation model
  • 3D videos
  • Comprehensive spreadsheets – bay use (total number, by vehicle time, by time)
  • Technical report on modelling and outcomes

NEW Concepts

  • Bespoke VisVAP coding for operation of site, including access points, vehicle detection, ramp use, tipping bay use and restrictions and collecting bay use data.
  • 3D vehicle types created to suit different refuse vehicles that use site.
  • Model developed using levels for more efficient coding
  • Dynamic parking for staff and visitors.

Project Description

Multimodal were commissioned by Axis to produce a micro-simulation model capable of modelling the recycling centre site operation, with a view to testing two proposals for a new waste line.

A VISSIM model was developed, with a number of signal controllers and 'invisible signals' included to control vehicle access to and from the site, in line with the current operation. Bespoke VisVAP code was developed to model the operation of the tipping bay area, which featured a number of restrictions in terms of bay use, occupancy and refuse vehicle type. VisVAP code was also created to control the movement around the site, with ramp use restrictions adhered to and the procedures in place when Ash, Activated Carbon and Lime vehicles were present in the site. The VisVAP code was also configured to collect bay use statistics for comparison.

New proposals featured different compositions of refuse vehicles, which were specifically modelled to determine if the current site layout could accommodate the additional waste line.  Simple 3D videos were an important visual aid for the site owners to determine how well their proposed improvements would perform and how well the site would operate.  The 3D visual aids were used to validate the model looking at queue lengths, delays and time spent on site for each vehicle.