DATE: 2017 | CLIENT: Internal

KEy Outputs

  • High quality 3D rendered video
  • High quality 3D rendered still images

NEW Concepts

  • Utilising VISWALK for more dynamic pedestrian movements
  • Advanced linking between VISSIM/VISWALK and 3D Studio Max
  • Specially developed pedestrian models and animation

Project Description

As part of the ongoing in house development programme, Multimodal built detailed 3D models based around three areas which had been previously modelled for traffic or pedestrian studies. These areas were:

  • London Victoria station
  • A London-based international sports stadium
  • London Bridge

The original VISSIM models had to be thoroughly prepared by inputting VISWALK elements such as pedestrian areas, routes and obstacles.

There was also a need to develop and update the library of 3D models used for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, which meant remodelling all of the motion capture for animation and developing a new VISSIM and VISWALK library of objects based on these new models, allowing full linking between VISSIM and the 3D modelling and rendering package used.

Once this was achieved and fully calibrated, all network elements and animation were exported from VISSIM/VISWALK, and bought into the 3D modelling package,  where simple geometry and transport models were replaced with detailed models to allow a more photo-real output.