Distribution Centre and Parking Study, England

DATE: 2015-2016 | CLIENT: Vectos micro-simulation

KEy Outputs

  • Micro-simulation model

  • 3D videos

NEW Concepts

  • Producing multi-level, detailed car park layouts, including accurate interaction of each parking bay, accessible from both directions.


Project Description

Multimodal were commissioned by Vectos Microsimulation for the testing of various multi-storey car park layouts in VISSIM for a proposed distribution centre in the south-east of England. The scheme included the detailed modelling of the internal car park layout (~2000 spaces) and each car park bay with realistic interaction and movement.

Various designs were tested to assess the impact and interaction between cars arriving to and departing from work shifts. This included two-way aisles where the complex interaction of vehicles turning in and reversing out from both sides of the aisle had to be modelled. As no examples were available from PTV, which are the VISSIM software developers, this car park modelling had to be developed from scratch.

The scheme also required the modelling of the progression of HGVs through the freight loading area. This included the check-in area, temporary parking for up to 30 minutes, reversing into the loading bays, loading and leaving the site.