Dulwich Village, London

DATE: 2016-2017 | CLIENT: Phil Jones Associates

KEy Outputs

  • Micro-simulation model
  • 3D videos
  • Network performance results graphs and spreadsheets

NEW Concepts

  • Modelling of shared space principles using headway behaviour
  • Specific cyclist modelling in VISSIM
  • VisWALK utilised for more dynamic pedestrian movements in VISSIM model

Project Description

Multimodal were commissioned by Phil Jones Associates (PJA) to develop a VISSIM model for undertaking testing of a triple roundel shared space proposal in Dulwich Village, London.  The modelling was utilised to determine the effects on traffic against a more traditional signal improvement scheme.

The VISSIM model featured individual cyclists, as well as general traffic and public transport lines, which all interacted with each other in this shared space scheme. The roundels were modelled using headway behaviour, to better replicate the shared space ideal and not give priority to any specific movements.

VISWALK was utilised to model the pedestrians and the zebra crossings. This allowed more realistic interaction with traffic.