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Standardised Speed Distributions

When developing a microsimulation model, one of the early steps is to ensure that the desired speed distributions used in the model are appropriate for the area and network modelled.

At Multimodal, we have a template which bases these initial distributions on two key datasets – the Department for Transport’s (DfT) ‘vehicle speed compliance’ tables and Transport for London’s (TfL) speed profiles.

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Dynamic Assignment – Some Thoughts & Suggestions

At Multimodal, we keep an eye on the PTV VISSIM Forum on LinkedIN and recently, have noticed an increased number of posts in relation to dynamic assignment.


As such, we thought it would be worth jotting down our thoughts and current methodology and sharing it publicly. We are well aware that there is no ‘one solution’ to undertaking dynamic assignment and this is very much our own current methodology, but by sharing it to a wider audience, we hope this can help to generate further debate and/ or improvement and provide some help to those who are looking for a starting point with dynamic assignment.

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