Our Company


Multimodal Ltd was created in 2012 by founder Luke Best, to offer clients a superior service accompanied by state-of-the-art multimodal modelling, analysis and presentation.

The aim has always been to continually invest in ensuring that clients are offered market leading technologies and methodologies, with market-wide applications and impacts; whilst also contributing all that we can towards the improvement of traffic simulation and prediction as a science and an industry.

In 2015, as part of ongoing measures to ensure the realisation of this vision, Multimodal became part of the PJA group. This allowed greater access to support, resources and expertise to aid in unlocking the potential for growth and greater market impact .

Our Values


Our aim is always to ensure the timely and consistent delivery of market leading services, whilst remaining open, honest and transparent - allowing relationships based on trust and mutual respect to be formed.

Although our aim is to achieve excellence in all elements of our work, there are three core values behind the Multimodal brand:



Communication of all forms of information is at the very heart of what we do. All projects require that any design elements, modelled analysis and visual impacts be communicated effectively to all concerned parties.

We want to ensure that we are always contributing fully to the progression of the demystifying of the entire process of transport planning, design and analysis, at every stage of the project lifecycle.

We will achieve this by finding ever better ways of communicating and delivering scheme specifics and benefits to a wider, non-technical audience, to guarantee the fullest level of client, stakeholder and public engagement at all levels of understanding.


We are keen to guarantee that innovation and development  always remain at the forefront of all that we do.

We will always endeavour to explore new methodologies and technologies in order to ensure our products remain as reliable, effective and efficient as is possible.

This ideal will be carried through all stages of the project lifecycle, through all niche areas we provide services in, whilst also keeping our pricing fair and transparent. This is the basis for our aim to be a market leading service provider.



We are passionate about both the benefits of encouraging the use and development of specialists within our industry, and about being seen as a specialist provider ourselves.

Micro-simulation, complex signal control and modern three dimensional option design form a suite of available complimentary, expert services. These can help to truly make a difference to how we manage our existing infrastructure assets, as well as improving how we plan for the future.